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Feature Article

OANP Launches Legal Action Fund
Laura Culberson Farr | Executive Director, OANP

At our 19th Annual Conference in December, OANP formally launched a Legal Action Fund for the first time in its 106 year history.  The Fund will be reserved for OANP’s efforts to expand insurance coverage of naturopathic doctors. The Affordable Care Act included a provision that prohibits insurance companies from discriminating in coverage and participation in insurance plans. It also stipulates that reimbursement rates may vary based on quality and performance measures. In 2014, OANP worked with the Oregon Insurance Division and various insurers to encourage implementation and enforcement of this provider non-discrimination provision – with varying success.

Only one insurer – the Oregon Health Coop – has voluntarily come into compliance with the law and has fully integrated naturopathic doctors as a provider type commensurate with other primary care providers – with commensurate rights, responsibilities and reimbursement.  Approximately half of the other regional insurers have come into some sort of compliance, although still with gaps and restrictions in coverage and reimbursement.  And some insurers are flagrantly either ignoring or trying to circumvent the law.

The language in the non-discrimination provision is simple, but unfortunately has been muddied by different interpretations from varying sources.  With the state and country in dire need for more primary care providers, with patients demanding access to naturopathic doctors, with everyone now required to purchase health insurance or face penalties, we can no longer afford to just let insurance companies interpret and implement laws at their own discretion.

OANP is prepared to fight back and take it to the courts if needed. Your support will be absolutely critical in making sure that we have enough resources to go up against the deep pockets of the insurers.

News From the Executive Director
Laura Culberson Farr l Executive Director, OANP

OANP’s 19th Annual Conference, "New Perspectives in Prescribing,” held December 6-7 at the Marriott Hotel in Portland, brought together strong numbers from both attendees and exhibitors, with attendance growing for the 8th consecutive year! Informal observers remarked that OANP’s Annual Conference is now in the Top 5 largest naturopathic conferences in North America!

For the second year in a row, OANP added breakout sessions on both days in order to offer more variety to participants. The success of this new format will definitely be continued in years to come.

Another new development this year was OANP’s invitation to the Nurse Practitioner community to attend the event. "I talked with several of the nurse practitioners who attended, and they were all enthusiastic about the warm welcome they received from our NDs,” noted Carrie Baldwin-Sayre, ND, OANP President. "Naturopathic Medicine’s ability to reach out to other integrative practitioners is strongly tied to our future success as a profession,” she added.
The majority of vendors offered an array of conference specials and many proactive NDs saved thousands of dollars by bringing shopping lists of orders to place to take advantage of the amazing exhibitor specials.

2014 Living Legend Award Recipient

We were also thrilled to present this year’s Living Legend Award to Rita Bettenburg, ND. For over 25 years, Dr. Bettenburg has represented the profession at the local, state, and federal levels, in academic circles and policy circles, working in leadership at both NCNM and OANP. Congratulations Dr. Bettenberg! And our special thanks extend to HerbPharm, NCMIC and Integrative Therapeutics for sponsoring such an amazing awards banquet!
Save the Date for our special 20th Anniversary Event: The 2015 OANP Conference will be held December 5-6 once again at the Marriott Hotel. Don’t miss this once a year tradition of building community and knowledge!

Member & Supporter News
Mary Closson l Director of Membership & Development, OANP

BioResource Inc recently announced that it has re-printed the book "Vital Energy Medicine" by Peter Gosch, which discusses using PEKANA Homeopathic-Spagyric Medications in the tradition of German complementary medicine. The book includes excellent Kirlian images that compare several PEKANA remedies to standard homeopathics. Practitioners can request a free copy by contacting BioResource at bioresource@bioresourceinc.com.

In addition, BioResource will provide a digital file of the new comprehensive Syntrion Compendium on a USB drive, or via email, to NDs who would like to receive a copy. The new Compendium provides detailed explanations of each SyLine remedy, includes treatment by systems, and discusses the sophisticated scientific research that supports the safety and efficacy of the Syntrion remedies.

Deanna Simonson, ND

Mary Closson l Director of Membership & Development, OANP

As the New Year begins, Integrative Therapeutics encourages you to take the time to find tips and a unique perspective on managing your practice, utilizing technology, and enhancing patient communication. Everything the company does is focused on helping integrative medicine professionals cultivate healthy practices – from the development of science-based nutritional supplements, to innovative, actionable resources and professional insights that power to inspire and enrich you, your patients and your practice. The Integrative Therapeutics blog is your destination for staying current on topics like new ingredient research, upcoming education events, patient education, strategies to market your practice, and valuable insights from experts within the integrative medicine community. Visit www.integrativepro.com to experience the many ways they are helping to cultivate healthy practices in 2015.

Blake Morgan Medical Sales Manager
Pacific Northwest
P 920.737.5803

Mary Closson l Director of Membership & Development, OANP

Marcus Hevert, newly appointed co-Managing Director of German homeopathic manufacturer Hevert-Arzneimittel, recently completed a six-month assignment in the Eugene, Oregon, headquarters of Hevert’s US subsidiary, Hevert Pharmaceuticals. During this time, he worked hand-in-hand with the growing Hevert USA team, supporting and enhancing their efforts in the US market. Marcus Hevert will continue to oversee Hevert USA’s expansion into the future.

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Legislative News

Phil Donovan l NW Public Affairs, OANP Lobbyist

Governor Kitzhaber’s state of the state address marked, in his words, his final inauguration of his 36-year political career. He returned to cement his legacy in health care and education reforms and used the opportunity to talk about inequities among Oregonians.

Governor Kitzhaber will work with familiar legislative leaders as both the House and Senate re-elected their Democratic leadership teams. Senate President Peter Courtney has now presided over the Senate since 2003 and Speaker Tina Kotek becomes the first two-term Democratic Speaker since Vera Katz held the post from 1985-1989. What has changed in the House is a plethora of freshman members. A third of the 60 members are in their first two years of office.

Health Care committees will be lead by familiar names, as Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson (D-Gresham) and Rep. Mitch Greenlick maintain their chair positions. Issues that OANP will be prioritizing include:
• the dissolution of Cover Oregon and renewal of the hospital provider tax;
• support the Oregon Insurance Division’s health insurance network adequacy legislation that includes provider non-discrimination language;
• a bill that would allow naturopathic physicians to choose whether they be designated as a primary care physician or a specialist by insurance companies;
• efforts to re-structure Oregon’s myriad of health care provider incentives, and of course we’ll be working for the inclusion of naturopathic physicians in all of them.
Let the games begin!

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