May 2015 Edition

Feature Article
Brook Schales, ND, LMP | Physician Member Coordinator, OANP

Growing popularity of homeopathic remedies has led to some critics calling for tighter regulation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Recently, the FDA conducted two days of public hearings on the use of homeopathic treatments where it was discussed  whether or not the remedies should be regulated in a similar fashion to over-the-counter drugs.

If the decision is made to begin FDA regulation then makers of homeopathic remedies would need to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of their products and undergo a review of the product labels in order to check for accuracy of claims.

The FDA last reviewed its regulation of homeopathic remedies in 1988. At that time a policy was issued that allowed the remedies to be placed on shelves without any type of pre-market approval. The market has grown steadily since that time and, combined with emerging safety concerns, the FDA is reconsidering the current regulation.

Over the past few years several incidents have raised concerns as to the safety of homeopathic remedies. In 2009, the FDA issued a warning after receiving 130 reports of patients losing their sense of smell after using a Zicam homeopathic nasal spray that contained zinc. In 2010, the agency issued a recall for homeopathic Hyland's Teething Tablets. The product used belladonna as an active ingredient and babies who consumed the tablets began to exhibit symptoms of belladonna poisoning. Product testing revealed that the tablets contained inconsistent amounts of the herb. Earlier this year the FDA warned asthma sufferers to avoid homeopathic products as, "these products have not been evaluated by the FDA for safety and effectiveness."

Critics of homeopathic products argue that these remedies should endure the same sort of regulation as the over-the-counter drugs with which they share shelf space.

Supporters of homeopathic medicine testified during the hearings that there is no reason to increase regulation of homeopathic remedies. The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) "believes that FDA's current regulatory approach to homeopathic products is working well," AANP board member Amy Rothenberg, ND, said during her testimony.

"The low cost of these medicines, as well as the consistent quality of product, make them appealing to both physician and patient," said Rothenberg. "Over decades of use, we have not found problems or variability with quality of the homeopathic product, and no toxicity has been reported."

The FDA will continue to review the matter and will be accepting written or e-mailed comments on homeopathic medicines until June 22.

View Full Article of Dr. Rothenberg’s testimony to FDA on behalf of the AANP

News From the Executive Director
Laura Culberson Farr l Executive Director, OANP

I’m very excited to introduce you to Audra Bates, who will take over as our Membership and Development Manager, and will be OANP's primary liaison to YOU - our members!

Audra comes from a background of catering large events for a local college where she was not only responsible for simultaneously coordinating and managing multiple complex events at a time, but also managing the clients who contracted for the events.
She has a wealth of experience doing customer service, project management, mediation, corporate relations, and more.

Audra Bates, OANP Membership & Development Manager

Audra has been busy diving into all of our projects and getting up to speed. If you have any questions about your membership, benefits, online profile or accessing your account, or just want to learn more about what the OANP is up to, call Audra! She is thrilled to be here, eager to get to know all of you in person, and can be reached at: or 503-262-8586.

Community News

Brook Schales, ND, LMP l Physician Member Coordinator, OANP

The OANP has gone green! We will no longer be sending out paper copies of our membership packet and member certificates upon membership renewal. You can now access all of these materials directly from your online profile!

Login to your OANP account to print out your membership certificate (or new membership card!). Just go to "Manage Profile" and click on "Membership Card" to view/print your card and certificate.  You can also obtain information about using your online account, view member benefits and current community sponsors, and much more by going to the "Members Only" section under the "Members" tab of the website once you have logged into your account.

Also, for all physicians that are credentialed with the Oregon Health Co-op, don't forget to list them as a preferred provider on your OANP profile! This makes it easier for patients to find you when they use our "Find A Physician" search function.

If you have any questions about these changes or need help accessing your OANP account,  please give us a call at 503-262-8586 or send us an email at

OANP HELP DESK: Public Health Advisories and Outbreaks
Brook Schales, ND, LMP l Physician Member Coordinator, OANP

Looking to stay up to date on current news releases regarding public health advisories and outbreaks? The Oregon Health Authority News and Advisories page has a complete list of current news releases from the Public Health Division, including health and recreational advisories, food safety alerts, and public meeting notices.

View News and Advisories Page

As an added resource, the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Human Services have teamed up to offer a free email service that automatically sends out notifications whenever the information you're interested in is updated on the DHS or OHA website.

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Audra Bates l Director of Membership & Development, OANP

A monthly neuroscience discussion group will start this month.  The discussion group will focus on how the brain influences life, relationships, and spirituality.  The meetings will occur at 7pm on the second Sunday of every month at Sol Alchemy 568 NE Savannah Dr, Bend, OR 97701.

For further information please contact Gregory Ferenz at

Brook Schales, ND, LMP l Physician Member Coordinator, OANP

Natural Doctors International (NDI) is offering a 10-day Global Health Course for natural medicine students and providers! In the course you will see 100-200 patients in the oldest naturopathic clinic working internationally on the beautiful island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. Spend 28-32 hours directly shadowing an ND, LAc, and/or Psychologist, and gain clinical experience in how to apply natural medicine in a very resource-poor developing world setting. Students receive up to 40 preceptor hours and doctors receive up to 60 CEUs.    

The 2015 Brigade Dates are:  March 27th-April 5th, April 25th – May 4th, July 11th-20th, and August 29th-September 7th. NCNM students may also receive 5 hours of credit if they enroll through the NCNM elective!

Space is limited. For more information, please

Apply today!

Community Supporter News

Brent Dahl, CMP l Database Administrator, Community Compounding Pharmacy

On May 20th Heidi Peterson ND and Suzanne Rosenberg RPh facilitate an interactive discussion on HCG and weight loss, chronic pain, and endometriosis, hosted by Community Compounding Pharmacy in Lake Oswego. Now with their fourth educational roundtable, rich with content, CE credits (pending) and hosted lunch, CCP encourages attendees to register early as these popular events have been filling to capacity of late. Attendees should bring case studies as this is an interactive discussion format. Conference call numbers are available for out-of-town or “can’t make it” participants. Call 503-734-6394 or 503-303-7376 to register or for more information.

Catherine Searles-Burke l
Marketing Manager, Seroyal

Dr. Dickson Thom, DDS ND, will be presenting his popular Heavy Metal Toxicity Teleconference on Wednesday May 27 2015, at 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM PST. Heavy metal toxicity impairs mental and central nervous function, lowers energy levels, and damages the lungs, kidneys, liver, and other vital organs. Long-term exposure may result in degenerative processes that mimic Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, and multiple sclerosis.

Key learning highlights from Dr. Thom’s teleconference include how to identify toxic load, as well as simple, effective treatments to eliminate heavy metal toxicity. Treatment guidelines will be provided for: arthritis, prostate disease, kidney disease, neuralgias, Parkinson’s disease, thyroid disease, autism, infertility, ADD and ADHD.

Dr. Thom has been in practice for over 35 years, with a primary focus on the management of chronic disease, including autoimmune disease, neurological conditions, gastrointestinal health, endocrine disorders and cancer.

To register for Dr. Thom’s Teleconference or to find out about other Seroyal Continuing Medical Education (CME) events, go to:

Legislative News
Laura Culberson Farr l Executive Director, OANP
The legislative session is more than halfway over and we continue to make good progress on our priority bills. Here’s the scorecard as of May 12.

1 – Bill Passed!
• HB 2468 – Defines network adequacy for insurance carriers. But most importantly for NDs, the bill codifies the ACA’s non-discrimination law into state statute, giving state regulators more ability to enforce the law. Insurers originally opposed inclusion of this language, but advocacy from OANP and strong support from the Insurance Commission ensured that the language was included.
2 – Bills Pending
• HB 3301 – Requires insurers to give NDs the choice of applying to be credentialed as PCP or Specialist – introduced at OANP’s request, we worked with insurers to amend the original bill with language that any ND applying to be a PCP would need to meet the insurer’s credentialing requirements for PCPs. The bill has passed the House and is scheduled for a public hearing in the Senate Healthcare Committee next week.

• HB 3396 – Rural/underseved loan reimbursement programs – OANP successfully amended this bill to require the Oregon Health Authority to include Naturopathic Doctors to the list of eligible provider types for the Primary Care Loan Repayment Program – a program for providers who work in rural or large low-income populations. Has passed House Healthcare Committee and is in Joint Ways and Means Committee.
1 – Concept Killed
• SB 442 and SB 895 – Attempt to remove religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccines and to remove the ability of NDs to sign off on medical and non- medical exemptions. OANP issued a letter to the Senate Health Care Committee with our concerns about the bill. Parent rights advocates heavily opposed the bill and ultimately won in getting SB 442 retracted. SB 892 was an attempt to restrict who could sign off on exemptions to just MDs and DOs. OANP made clear that this would constitute restriction of scope for NDs and our legislative supporters indicated they would not move the bill unless NDs retained the right to sign off on exemptions. The author of the bill publicly conceded that she would amend the language to include ND, however this bill is still pending.
If you ever have any questions about how OANP balances these two priorities, please don’t hesitate to call us at 503-262-8586 or email Laura Farr at

Laura Culberson Farr l Executive Director, OANP

OANP’s Legislative Chair, Jeff Clark, ND and Executive Director, Laura Farr, joined dozens of NCNM students and faculty at AANP’s annual lobby day May 2-4.

Hats off to NCNM students who organized like never before to send one of the largest state delegations ever to the DC FLI (Federal Legislative Initiative)!

This year Oregon had over 20 representatives descend on the capital, joining over 150 students and physicians and visiting with over 250 congressional offices!

OANP Executive Director Laura Culberson Farr, OANP Board Member Jeff Clark, and students at the 2015 DC FLI

The primary goals of the DC FLI were:

1. Ask for inclusion in Medicare. Whether you personally want to take Medicare or not, being enumerated in Medicare will provide NDs with residency opportunities, access to loan forgiveness programs, incentive payments for primary care, and a whole lot more!

2. Ask Congressional members to sign onto a letter asking the Veterans Administration to assign an employment code to Naturopathic Doctors, enabling ND services to be covered by the VA.

The NCNM students threw multiple fundraisers to sponsor the majority of students who attended this year’s lobby day. These are the future leaders of state associations around the country, and Dr. Clark and I return to Oregon inspired and energized by their passion and commitment to advancing naturopathic medicine. We hope that next year you’ll join us too!

Questions? We're here to serve you!
Give us a call at 503-262-8586 or send us an email at

Continuing Education
& Community Events

2015 NDI Brigade
March 27th-April 5th,
April 25th – May 4th,
July 11th-20th
August 29th - Sept 7th
Location: The island of Ometepe in Nicaragua

Ayurveda in the News: Triphala, Amla, and Ashwagandha
Date: May 19
Location: Webinar

June MedTalk ND Lecture

Date: June 23
Location: Portland, OR

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Join Our Multidisciplinary Wellness Center
Location: Portland, OR

Space for Rent in Gorgeous Naturopathic Office
Location: Bend, OR

ND Space For Rent
Location: Eugene, OR

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Part Time Insurance Biller Needed
Location: Lake Oswego, OR

ND Position at Integrative Practice
Location: SW Portland, OR

Clinic Space Available & Possible ND Associate Position
Location: Eugene, OR

Two Room Suite Available
Location: Portland, OR

Practice Space Available
Location: SW Portland, OR

Acupuncturist Position Available

Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Clinic Space Available in NW Portland
Location: Portland, OR


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Laura Culberson Farr
Executive Director

Brook Schales, ND, LMP
Physician Member Services Coordinator

Audra Bates
Director of Membership & Development

2015 Board Members

Carrie Baldwin-Sayre - President

Sheryl Estlund - Past President

Wendy Abraham - Vice President

Kaley Bourgeois, Secretary

Rebecca Principe - Treasurer

Jeff Clark - At-Large

Bridghid McMonagle - At-Large

Martin Milner - At-Large

Wendy Vannoy - At-Large

Jennifer Karon-Flores - At-Large

Clair Hamilton Araujo - Student Rep