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Laura Culberson Farr l Executive Director, OANP

Many doctors, clinics and hospitals mark up laboratory testing that is done in office, and some labs even advertise to doctors how performing their labs in office can be a revenue stream for your clinic.

Markups are legal, but be careful! Know the laws before you view this as a profit center.

ORS 676.310(1) outlines guard rails for what is considered legal for lab fees.
“Any person authorized by law to order laboratory testing may charge a reasonable fee for all laboratory and other specialized testing performed by the practitioner or by a person in the practitioner’s employ. In addition, the practitioner is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for collecting and preparing specimens to be sent to independent persons or laboratories for testing, and for the preparation of the billing to the patient for the test. However, a practitioner shall not mark up, or charge a commission or make a profit on services rendered by an independent or laboratory.”

The law goes on to say that you must prepare an itemized bill indicating the charges for each service rendered, and that failure to do so shall be construed as unprofessional conduct.

So as a summary: marking up labs as a “reasonable fee” for collecting and preparing the lab is OK, but marking up labs for profit is not.

News From the Executive Director
Laura Culberson Farr l Executive Director, OANP
A frequently used strategy in any legal process is delay and dismiss. Since filing our lawsuit in early July against Health Net and ASHN, we have seen no formal motions or activity with the court.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t coming!

Our attorneys have informed us that the two companies have registered no fewer than 7 lawyers from 3 different law firms to defend them against the suit.

These 7 lawyers from 3 different law firms have in turn notified the court that they intend to file a motion to dismiss the entire case – which we expect to see sometime in October.

We never thought this project would be easy, but we’ve just received a small glimpse into this David and Goliath story.

OANP urgently needs more Health Net patients who have tried to get services performed by you that were denied by Health Net. If you think any patient might be a good candidate and might be willing to hold Health Net and ASHN accountable, please ask them to contact OANP immediately.

And a million thanks to everyone who has donated to our Legal Action Fund!

All donations large and small help. Please click here to make your donation today!

Community News

Brook Schales, ND, LMP l Physician Member Coordinator, OANP
Student loan debt is discouraging, but for many Naturopathic Physicians, they simply do not make enough money to justify the exorbitant loans they attained while attending medical school. Many practitioners are forced to opt for an income based repayment plan with the knowledge that after it has matriculated for 25 years and has been forgiven, they will be required to pay taxes on the forgiven amount. Unfortunately, in many cases, this amount can also be an exorbitant sum.

The AANP, OANP, and other state associations are very aware of this growing problem, and are collectively working on several strategies to address it.

The OANP is focusing on two overarching strategies.

1) Get NDs enumerated into loan repayment or primary care incentive programs. The OANP was able to get NDs into the primary care loan repayment program several years ago, but then it was defunded. It has since been re-funded, and we are continuing to work to get NDs accepted into the program. Unfortunately, these programs typically only accept a handful of providers each year and the ND would be required to meet very demanding parameters of providing services in either rural areas or predominantly to the underserved in order to qualify. These programs will not fix the problem for the majority of NDs.

2) Expand insurance coverage of NDs, get NDs recognized as PCPs, and get NDs into the medicaid CCOs. Being able to contract with and receive reimbursement from insurance companies not only attracts patients who are covered by insurance and do not wish to pay out of pocket, but it also helps open job opportunities. There are literally hundreds of job positions for primary care providers, but they won’t hire NDs for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is poor insurance coverage and reimbursement, while another is simply professional prejudice.

The AANP is focusing on:

At the national level, AANP is putting energy into a new consumer awareness campaign with the hope of driving patients to NDs. However, that will still require the NDs to build their own practices vs. graduating and being hired into a job.

And AANP’s primary legislative goal is getting NDs included in Medicare and the VA. While this strategy seems like it’s about treating veterans and seniors, it is more about removing the barriers to making NDs hirable so that you can apply for jobs that currently are going unfilled.

So what can you do to help? Educate the community about the training, scope of practice, and professional abilities of NDs. When patients, medical companies, and job placement agencies are well informed then they will be more likely to hire NDs. The ND job openings at Zoomcare all occurred because one ND educated them, made a case for them to hire her, and did such a great job that they are now hiring NDs into dozens of jobs with salaries that are strong enough to repay your loans.

If you are interested in helping the OANP create a task force dedicated to opening job opportunities for NDs, please contact Laura Farr at

Brook Schales, ND, LMP l Physician Member Coordinator, OANP

PORTLAND, Ore. (Aug. 26, 2015)—The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) now recognizes the NCNM Clinic at the National College of Natural Medicine as a Tier 3 Patient-Centered Primary Care Home—the highest level of healthcare certification granted by the OHA.
The state of Oregon established the Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) model as part of the state’s health system transformation to meet the Triple Aim—deliver better health and better care at lower costs for all Oregonians.

A PCPCH is a healthcare clinic recognized for its commitment to providing high-quality, patient-centered care by promoting better coordination of care and clinical teamwork, and a better understanding of the patient’s overall healthcare needs. Primary care homes reduce costs and improve care by focusing on preventive care, wellness and management of chronic conditions.

Last year, NCNM received an Oregon Health Authority grant to participate in a PCPCH learning collaborative. Participants received support in developing patient care teams and the technical expertise necessary to meet all quality standards and metrics required for PCPCH certification. Others in the learning collaborative were OHSU Family Medicine, Doernbecher Pediatric, Wallace Medical Concern, Metropolitan Pediatrics and St. Alphonsus Medical Group.

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Member News

Audra Bates l Membership and Development Manager
OANP invites all members to participate in the 2015 Member Survey available online.

We are launching our 2015 member survey in September. It has been more than 2 years since we’ve hosted a member survey and we are excited to hear from you! This is a comprehensive survey involving demographics, legislation, prescribing, member benefits, communications and more.

“OANP strives to maintain member value as we evolve and grow in the direction of the naturopathic profession. I encourage each member to be an active part of this growth by providing your individual feedback. We want to ensure we are meeting the needs of our members as we determine our next areas of focus.” said Executive Director, Laura Farr.

The 2015 member survey is divided into three sections. Surveys can be taken one section at a time or all together. All members will receive an email with links to the three surveys. You can also access the surveys from, located on the left side-rail under “Surveys”.

1. Demographics and OANP Communications

2. OANP Member Value, Website Survey and CE/Member Benefits

3. Legislation and Prescribing

Non-members will receive a separate email with a link to the non-member survey.

All responses are anonymous and will be kept confidential. Responses will not be identified individually; they will be compiled and analyzed as group. Information collected is used solely for the purpose of OANP administration.

Please take a moment to complete all the survey and tell us how we are doing and how we can best meet your membership needs!

For questions, please contact Audra Bates at

Audra Bates l Membership and Development Manager
That’s right! One of the many member benefits we provide is physician referrals for all active OANP members. We use your profile professional information to provide physician referrals in the state of Oregon. Once we receive a referral request we use the information from member profiles to create a member search and provide referrals based on location, services offered, areas of specialties, etc.

On average we receive 10-15 referral requests per month. We have a large number of members that either don’t have any professional information listed OR don’t have accurate information. Thus, making it difficult to include those physicians in the referral system.

We want to make sure all active members are included in our physician referrals system by having accurate profile information. I encourage you to review your profile information and provide the most current professional information. Please contact me if you need assistance accessing your account or updating any of your member information. We are here to serve our members!

Community Supporter News


Together with three students from Tesla STEM High School, Ayush Herbs set out to test their herbal supplement’s effect on exercise performance with the goal of finding alternatives to performance enhancing drugs. The students worked with Dr. Virender Sodhi and Dr. Anup Mulakaluri to explore the effect of Ashwagandha and Arjuna Heart (cardiovascular tonic) on physical exercise capacity and performance.

The study comprised of 18 students divided into 2 groups, experimental and control. Both groups underwent exercise performance tests prior to the experiment that included upper body push-ups, core sit-ups, jump rope, running and squats

During a two-week testing period, the experimental group was given Ashwagandha 500mg root powder three times per day and Arjuna Heart (Terminalia arjuna, Inula racemosa, coral powder, magnesium, folic acid, B-6 and CoQ10) three times per day. All doses were doubled in the second week.

At the end of the testing period, students were asked to repeat the initial exercise performance tests.

The results showed that the students in the experimental group demonstrated significant improvement compared to the control group – in every category.

Statistical Results:
• Upper body capacity exhibited the most improvement, averaging 71% more than the control group.
• Core and lower body strength also improved significantly at 16% and 11% respectively.
• Total performance in the experimental group was 24% more than the total performance in the control group.
• Supplementation with Ashwagandha and Arjuna Heart improved exercise performance by 124% compared to baseline.
• There were no reported side effects.

The study concludes that herbal supplements can provide safe and effective alternatives to performance enhancing drugs that are commonly used amongst athletes of all ages. With little to no side effects reported, the use of herbal supplements may prevent the short and long-term health risks that are associated with performance enhancing drugs while still improving physical performance.

For more information about this study or to view the complete study including results graphs, please contact Jared Paulson at

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Laura Culberson Farr
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Brook Schales, ND, LMP
Physician Member Services Coordinator

Audra Bates
 Membership & Development Manager

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