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Friends of Naturopathic Medicine PAC

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What is Friends of Naturopathic Medicine?

"Friends" is a political action committee that contributes to elected officials and candidates who support the advancement of naturopathic medicine in Oregon.

Why should I donate to "Friends"?

Whether you are a solo practitioner, part of a group practice, or a clinician conducting medical research, you cannot afford to ignore the effect public policy makers have on the future of naturopathic medicine. Only through collective political action can we ensure that our lawmakers will hear the voice of medicine.

Regardless if the issue is defending our current scope, expanding scope of practice, securing funding for loan repayment programs that include NDs, or expanding insurance coverage of naturopathic medicine, political and legislative action is where it all begins.

The top priorities of the OANP's legislative committee are:
  • expanding insurance coverage of naturopathic medicine and
  • securing funding for Oregon's rural loan repayment programs.

The philosopher Plato said that "the punishment of wise men who refuse to take part in the affairs of government is to live under the government of unwise men."

Oregon State Law requires us to report your employer when you make a donation to any political action committee. Please include your employer (or "self-employed") in the Donor Comments box.

How does the tax credit work?

Your gift to Friends of Naturopathic Medicine PAC may cost you nothing! That's because Oregon has something called a "political tax credit." Under Oregon law, you can subtract donations to political committees like "Friend" PAC from your state taxes.

When you file your state taxes, just subtract the amount or part of the amount you gave to the PAC - up to $50 for individuals, or $100 for couples filing jointly - from what you owe. If the state owes you a refund, they will add that amount to your refund check.  Read more info from the state of Oregon here.

This credit cannot be used on gifts to charities. It can only be used when you make a contribution to a political organization like Friends of Naturopathic Medicine PAC. In other words, you can take a portion of the money you'd normally pay in state taxes and use it to help elect pro-naturopathic leaders in Oregon.

Please consult with your tax advisor.

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