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ARCHIVED Board and Staff Members
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OANP Board Members

The OANP Board consists of various members of the Oregon naturopathic community. The board members are all active members of the Association, in good standing, and practice in or near Portland, OR. The board members serve for a term of two years, except for the Student Director position which is renewed annually.

Carrie Baldwin-Sayre, ND - President
Board Member since 2009

Dr. Baldwin-Sayre serves as President of the OANP, and chair of the legislative committee. She is in private practice in SE Portland, OR where she practices family medicine with an additional interest in women's health and cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, she is Associate Dean of Clinical Education and Associate Professor at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM). She received her doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from NCNM in Portland, Oregon and her undergraduate degree from UCLA. Her general medicine residency was completed at NCNM.

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Wendy Abraham, ND - Vice President
Board Member since 2011

A graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine, Dr. Abraham has been a naturopathic physician at Natural Pain Solutions in Portland, OR for the past 10 years. Dr. Abraham came to naturopathic medicine after studying and practicing reflexology for several years. This course of study helped her understand the body’s physiology and its role in health and healing. A native of Pennsylvania, Dr. Abraham is passionate about her work as a naturopathic physician particularly in the area of chronic pain. "I have a deep commitment to try to understand what is actually going on, to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms,” she said. She also views naturopathic medicine from a global perspective. "I love being part of a profession that has a commitment to the sustainability of our community and planet.”

Kaley Bourgeois, ND - Secretary
Board Member since 2013

Kaley Bourgeois graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine in 2012 and is currently on staff at the Lake Oswego Health Center, in Lake Oswego, OR. Prior to studying at NCNM, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Pacific University. Her main practice focus is primary care but she also works with patients suffering from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes, female hormone imbalances and autoimmune disorders. An Oregon native, Dr. Bourgeois began working in inpatient care in 2004. After seeing numerous patients with chronic pain and illness go untreated because they had no clear diagnosis, she knew she wanted to dedicate her career to helping them find solutions. She chose the natural medicine field after finding personal health success with a naturopathic physician. "I find it especially gratifying when my patients start feeling better and they feel heard along the way.”

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  Rebecca Principe, Treasurer
Board Member since 2011

Rebecca Principe is a 2013 graduate from the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), who served as OANP's student board member while in medical school. Rebecca received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Trinity College in Hartford, CT before moving to Oregon in 2000. Prior to enrolling in medical school, Rebecca spent her time working in social services and consumer advocacy. She currently serves on the OANP Legislative Committee.

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  Jeff Clark, ND - Legislative Chair
Board Member since 2012

Jeff Clark, ND is a former high tech engineer and manager who brings his passion for problem solving to his medical practice. Originally from Montana, Dr. Clark is a co-founder, President and practicing physician of True Health Medicine, PC, in Tualatin, OR. In addition to his medical practice he is the father of two intelligent and beautiful daughters, now grown. As a hobby he raises grass fed beef, brush goats, and organic produce on a small ranch in Douglas County, OR. Dr. Clark brings perspective from his varied experiences in life to his role as an OANP board member and is proud to serve you in that capacity.

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  Sheryl Estlund, ND - At-Large
Board Member since 2005

Sheryl Estlund is a naturopathic physician, graduating from NCNM in 2003 and subsequently pursued a three- year residency in general medicine. Dr. Estlund has a special interest in ensuring adequate access to health care for the underserved and uninsured patient population. She currently practices at Outside In medical clinic in Portland, OR.

She completed her undergraduate work at University of Oregon, majoring in psychology, sociology; with a minor degree in gerontology. Prior to attending NCNM, she worked in the mental health field for five years focusing on counseling and case management in the geriatric population.

Sheryl has served on the OANP board for many years, holding several different positions including President, Vice President, and Secretary.

  Aubrey Harding, ND - At-Large
Board Member since 2013

Aubrey Harding always knew she wanted to be a doctor. After spending her childhood in Salem, Oregon, she moved to the Midwest to pursue her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Community & Global Health at Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota. Her first year after college was spent working in the emergency department of a Minnesota hospital. Seeing so many patients there who were neglected for preventable or early treatable conditions, Aubrey realized the great need for quality preventative medicine and primary care which led her to naturopathic medicine. Currently a third year medical student at NCNM, she is set to graduate in June 2015. Along with her role as the student board member for OANP, Aubrey is president of a five school organization called Student Alliance for Integrative Medicine (SAIM) and also a board member for Oregon Collaboration for Integrative Medicine (OCIM). Aubrey's passion for naturopathic medicine has given her clear goals for her career. "As an ND, I'm looking forward to taking full advantage of our primary care training and focusing on a population who doesn't yet know about this type of medicine."

Bridghid McMonagle, ND - At-Large
Board Member since 2007

Dr. McMonagle, a native of Bellingham, WA, has been a naturopathic physician since 2005 and is the co-owner of Lake Oswego Wellness Center in Lake Oswego, OR. Her specialty areas include general primary care, bio identical hormone therapy, PRP and Prolozone, and LENS Neurofeedback. A graduate of Bastyr University, she also holds a BS degree in Environmental Health with a minor in Chemistry. She was inspired to become a naturopathic physician after spending 2 ½ years in Thailand while serving in the Peace Corps. While there, she studied herbal medicine and experienced another way to look at healthcare and treatment options. "I love seeing people get motivated, get well, and start taking better care of themselves,” she noted. "It’s amazing how much people will change if just given some guidance. I enjoy helping people and find it rewarding to feel so appreciated at the end of each day.”.

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  Martin Milner, ND - At-Large
Board Member since 2012

Dr. Milner received his N.D. from NCNM in 1983. He has remained at his alma mater since 1986 as Professor of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Medicine. Dr. Milner is also the CEO, medical director, and a healthcare provider at the Center for Natural Medicine (CNM) in Portland, OR, an integrated clinic since 1991. CNM functions as a teaching clinic of NCNM and the CNM Heart & Lung Wellness Program has been recently endorsed by NCNM as the worldwide Center of Excellence in Naturopathic Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Medicine.

Dr. Milner is credentialed with a wide range of insurance plans that cover naturopathic services and he encourages ND’s to be active in their primary care collaboration with insurance reimbursement opportunities. Dr. Milner joins the OANP with a wide range of administrative experience including being past president of the OANP (1985-1986) and vice president of the AANP (1990-92).

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  Wendy Vannoy, ND - At-Large
Board Member since 2006

Drawn to naturopathic medicine for its common sense approach, Dr. Vannoy has a passion for educating and empowering women to take charge of their health. Her practice addresses all aspects of women's health, with a special interest in general gynecology, menstrual disorders, menopause and hormonal health, collaborative cancer care and LGBTQ health care.

Dr. Vannoy practices in Forest Grove and NW Portland, OR.

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Clair Hamilton Araujo - Student Rep
Board Member since 2014

Bio coming soon!

OANP Staff Members

  Laura Culberson Farr, Executive Director

Laura Culberson Farr has served as Executive Director of the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OANP) since 2005. A political organizer by training, her advocacy work as a grassroots organizer and consultant spans almost 20 years. Among her leadership roles, Mrs. Farr has worked on several landmark ballot measures in Oregon,including passage of Vote by Mail and several measures to increase tobacco taxes as a public health policy to decrease cigarette use. She has also worked on many successful legislative advocacy campaigns ranging from creating smoke-free workplaces to expanding the naturopathic formulary.

She has a deep knowledge of the complexities of healthcare reform, and has become an expert on how naturopathic doctors, conventional clinics and insurers can work together to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs. She is married to a naturopathic physician and is passionately committed to integrating naturopathic medicine into primary care systems across the country.

  Brook Schales, ND, LMP, Physician Services Coordinator

Brook Schales has served as the OANP's Physician Services Coordinator since 2012.  She serves as a physician consultant and is responsible for public education, website management, graphic design, electronic communications, coordinating continuing education events, and helping physicians get the most out of their membership.

Dr. Schales is enthusiastic about the many facets of OANP’s services and outreach locally, regionally, and nationally. "It has been exciting to see the many ways that the OANP supports naturopathic physicians,” Schales said. "I love being part of an organization that is doing such important advocacy work on behalf of my profession.”

Dr. Schales received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Master of Acupuncture, and Naturopathic Obstetrics Certificate from the National College of Natural Medicine. She also holds a BA in Biopsychology from Eastern Washington University and a degree in Massage Therapy from Brenneke School of Massage. She practices general family medicine, with an emphasis on gynecology, pediatrics, and obstetrics in Olympia, WA.

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 Audra Bates, Director of Membership & Development

Audra Bates serves as OANP's Membership and Sponsorship Manager. Her duties include expanding OANP’s sponsorship program, membership recruitment and retention, and developing new sources of non-dues revenue.

Before joining the team, she spent more than a decade working in client and customer services focused in sustainable food service and healthy eating initiatives. Audra’s true strength is found in facilitating organizational goals and maintaining strong partnerships. She enjoys working directly with members and sponsors to accomplish OANPs mission.

"I am excited to be working with OANP and their advocacy for the advancement of naturopathic medicine. I strongly believe in a patient’s right to diversity in healthcare options.”

Audra attended Oklahoma State University where she earned a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations with a minor in Spanish Studies.

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