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Check here regularly for easy actions you can take to support our goal of equal insurance coverage of naturopathic medicine for all Oregonians.

  How to Ensure Coverage of Medicare Part D Prescriptions
Effective June 1st, 2016, all healthcare providers who prescribe Part D medications for Medicare patients must be enrolled in Medicare or have an opt-out affidavit. But because Naturopathic Doctors are not recognized by Medicare, NDs can neither enroll in nor opt out of Medicare.
However little known rules allow exceptions for certain "Other Authorized Providers" like NDs to write prescriptions and referrals for Part D plans that should still be covered. If you have had an Part D sponsor (insurance plan) or pharmacy deny your prescription or referral after June 1st, here are tools you can use to educate them about their legal requirements to cover your orders.
Press Release May 1, 2015 announcing an Interim Final Rule recognizing "Other Authorized Prescribers"
 Technical Guidance December 29, 2015 describing how plans should identify prescriptions written by "Other Authorized Prescribers"
In order to have your Part D prescriptions covered, you will need to verify that your NPI number is active, and that it shows the correct taxonomy for NDs - 175F00000X.


 Naturopathic Doctors and Patients File Class Action Lawsuit Against Health Net and American Specialty Health

Lawsuit cites unlawful and discriminatory practices that limit access to benefits

The lawsuit addresses years of complaints by NDs and their patients that Health Net discriminates against Oregon licensed naturopathic physicians by denying claims for services provided by Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) that are otherwise covered when delivered by a different medical provider.

The "Non Discrimination in Health Care” section of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as "Section 2706” (42 U.S.C. § 300gg-5), prohibits insurance carriers from discriminating against health care providers acting within the scope of their license.

See full press release here.

Donate today - lawsuits are expensive! Please help OANP with a generous donation. This could be a loooooooong process and your help will be critical in getting across the finish line!


We anticipate that this lawsuit could have ripple effects across the country for all naturopathic physicians as well as all other providers who routinely experience discrimination by insurance carriers. Your ongoing support of the OANP throughout this effort could make the difference between business as usual or sweeping changes in insurance coverage.



 HB 3301 - Creating a Pathway for NDs to be In-Network PCPs -

Many insurers refuse to contract with naturopathic physicians as "primary care providers," instead universally categorizing NDs as "specialists," which cause the following barriers to patient care:

  • Higher co-pay & co-insurance for patient
  • Denial of payment for preventive services when performed by a ND, including preventive screenings, vaccinations, etc.
  • Delay in care or denial of care if the plan requires a referral from a designated "PCP" in order to see a naturopathic physician "specialist."
  • Delay of care or lack of care for patients who are not interested in changing doctors or seeing a conventional doctor for preventive services.

HB 3301 gives Naturopathic Doctors who practice primary care in Oregon - and who can meet the insurer's usual contracting and credentialing requirements - the right to choose whether insurance carriers categorize them as "PCP" or "Specialist."


Advocacy Issues OANP Is Following 2015

HB 2468
Defines what is an "adequate network" for insurers. OANP worked with the Oregon Insurance Division for all of 2014 to also include provider non-discrimination language in this bill so that our state statutes will reinforce the same language that is in the federal Affordable Care Act.


Vaccines - various bills
OANP worked to ensure that NDs continue to have the ability to educate patients about vaccines and to sign off on medical and non-medical vaccine exemption forms if needed.


HB 3396 -
Consolidates all of the various provider loan incentive programs for working in rural and underserved populations under one umbrella to better evaluate which program is the most successful. OANP has amended the bill to add NDs back into the Primary Care Loan Repayment Program. OANP won inclusion into this program in 2010, then the program was defunded and when it was re-funded in 2013, we were removed from the list of eligible providers. OANP advocated for NDs to be enumerated in the list of eligible providers again. The language was modified to give the Oregon Health Authority the power to enumerate the list of providers, so OANP will continue to work on this during the interim.


SB 231 -

This bill deals with assessing and creating innovative payment methods for primary care. It includes "Naturopathic Physician" in the definition of "primary care provider," an important codification of the scope, training and licensure of NDs.

OANP Urges Naturopathic Doctors & Patients to File Complaints to Insurance Division Urging Insurers to Comply with the ACA

Section 2706 - the provider non-discrimination provision of the Public Health Service Act as amended by the Affordable Care Act - went into effect on January 1, 2014. Insurance plans issued on or after this date are now prohibited from discriminating against naturopathic physicians (or any other provider for that matter)  when the ND is treating the same conditions or performing the same services that the insurer would otherwise cover.

After almost a year of OANP working with Oregon’s Insurance Division in advance of this law going into effect, it appears that the majority of insurers and insurance plans are in some way still violating this law.

OANP’s Board has already begun filing complaints.
We need your help too!



The Insurance Commissioner needs to hear from you! Violations of Section 2706 of the ACA will only be investigated if complaints are filed with the Insurance Division.

OANP recommends downloading this patient flyer and making it available in your reception areas. Encourage your front desk staff to inform patients to share their frustrations.

These complaints will also support our efforts to encourage insurance companies to come into compliance with the law, and will provide evidence of violations if we get to a point where legal action may be necessary.

Click here for a complete series of materials to help you take action today!

Tracking Positive Changes to Insurance Coverage of NDs

OANP is beginning to track positive changes in insurance coverage of NDs as Coordinated Care Organizations and private insurers come into compliance with provider non-discrimination provisions in state and federal law. 

Click here and check back often to view a list of insurance plans that are in compliance with the law!

CareOregon Credentialing Criteria to Contract with NDs
HealthShare Oregon/CareOregon is the first Coordinated Care Organization to officially adopt new credentialing criteria that includes naturopathic physicians!
CareOregon had a very thoughtful process to determine new credentialing criteria that would comply with the provider non-discrimination standards set forth in SB 1509 passed by the 2012 legislature.
Credentialing criteria will be:
  • Active, unrestricted/unencumbered license
  • Malpractice coverage ($1M/$3M)
  • Active DEA license (required for all PCPs, otherwise required if within the scope of the practitioner’s license)
  • Successful completion of an accredited residency program.
  • If no residency is available for the practitioner type, then the applicant must have two years of active practice. (Defined as the equivalent of 30 hrs/week of patient care.)
  • Any provider functioning as a PCP who does not have residency training, will be credentialed for one year initially.
    • At the time of recredentialing a review of outcome metrics will occur.
    • Specific metrics are to be determined. They will be based on either HEDIS or CCO incentive metrics. Performance thresholds for recredentialing will be determined by the CareOregon Credentialing Committee.
  • Evidence of 24/7 coverage that ensures continuity of care for patients (e.g. – referral to an ED for after hours care does not meet this requirement)
    • for providers without hospital privileges, evidence of coverage with an inpatient provider that ensures continuity of care for the patient
  • providers who perform deliveries outside a hospital setting, must have documentation of a working relationship with a provider who has obstetrical hospital privileges including cesarean section.

Naturopathic Doctors who are interested in serving the medicaid community through HealthShare/CareOregon should contact for more detail. 

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