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ARCHIVED History Of Naturopathic Medicine
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Short History Of
Naturopathic Medicine

As a distinct American health care profession, Naturopathic medicine is over 100 years old.

In the late 1800's, practitioners of several medical disciplines combined to form the first naturopathic professional medical societies.

By the 1920's, naturopathic medical conventions attracted more than 10,000 practitioners. There were over twenty naturopathic medical schools, and NDs were licensed in most states, including Oregon.

Allopathic medicine which includes technology-based medicine, Pharmaceutical drugs and the "quick fix" idea that drugs could eliminate all disease became dominant forces.
Naturopathic medicine is a distinct method of primary health care that combines centuries old natural, common-sense therapies with current advances in biomedical and diagnostic sciences covering all aspects of health, from prenatal to geriatric care.
Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are guided by principals that are based on the premise that healing is intrinsic to the nature of living organisms. The principles:
  • emphasize prevention and self-care as a cornerstone of health;

  • focus on patient-centered care, addressing the determinants of health in treatment plans;

  • prioritize a "therapeutic order” that begins with minimal intervention and proceeds to higher intervention; and

  • address the underlying cause of the condition rather than focus solely on symptomatic treatment.
Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are an excellent choice for your Primary Care Physician. They are trained in both natural and conventional medicine and have a comprehensive scope of practice.
While Oregon NDs are licensed to prescribe all pharmaceuticals needed in primary care, can perform minor surgery and can even deliver babies, the real specialty of Naturopathic Doctors lies in treating you as the complex, inter-related system that you are (a whole person), rather than as just a series of symptoms.

If you are being treated by a Naturopathic Physician, congratulations! You are on your way to optimal health!

If not, let us help you find one today. Your health will certainly benefit from it!

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