March 2016 Edition

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CALL TO ACTION: Support Massachusetts' Bill to License NDs
Amy Rothenberg, ND l Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Doctors

Please spread this email widely -- and let us hear back from all you MA peeps!!
The bill to license NDs in Massachusetts passed favorably out of the Joint Committee on Public Health on Friday, February 26th. Next stop is the Joint Committee for Health Care Financing. We believe we have the support of lawmakers but they need reinforcement from constituents that there are many MA residents – from patients to medical providers – who support licensure of NDs.

If anyone has connections with or lives in the district of members from that committee and especially committee chairs, please let me know. Click here to find your Massachusetts Senator or Representative.

What I can use from everyone is an EXCEL spreadsheet of your Massachusetts contacts, friends, family members, colleagues, WITH NAME, STREET ADDRESS with ZIP CODE & EMAIL!! We will add them to our grassroots email list and send out requests for emails of support when needed as this bill moves.

This bill has passed both chambers in a recent session and has been vetted for years.  After over a year of additional education, we believe we have a chance to achieve licensure this year. Contact Amy Rothenberg ( or the Massachusetts Society for Naturopathic Doctors to help in any way you can!

News From the ED

Carrie Baldwin-Sayre, ND l President, OANP

I’d like to personally extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in OANP’s surveys last fall. Your feedback formed the backbone of a 2-day strategic planning retreat that OANP’s board held on January 30-31. We worked hard to analyze the opportunities and threats to the profession in a rapidly changing healthcare environment and succeeded in creating goals for the next 5 years that build not only on the work that OANP is already doing, but that also address additional areas that members would like OANP to focus on.

Some of the major themes that came out of the surveys included:

• OANP does legislative advocacy well and that pay parity and reimbursement issues are still at the forefront for the majority of NDs.
• People would like to see more information on alternative practice models to insurance-based and/or primary care practices.
• OANP leadership needs to play a role in unifying the profession by offering programs and member services that recognize diversity of thought amongst naturopathic doctors and support all members regardless of their style of practice or specialty.
• Members would like to see OANP more engaged in expanding public awareness of naturopathic medicine, especially in a way that creates jobs and respectable wages for NDs.
• The changing healthcare landscape creates tremendous opportunities for inter-professional collaboration and advancement of naturopathic principles, but also many risks and threats.
• OANP needs to expand its membership base and resources in order to provide everything that members expect from their professional association.

The next five years will see a strategic focus on enhancing member benefits to support all different styles of ND practices, to increase employment opportunities for NDs, and to communicate our work to you and the public more effectively. In our May newsletter, we will identify the changes you can expect to see in 2016 including specific goals and projects focused on improving member value.

We’re thrilled to have a roadmap for advancing naturopathic medicine in Oregon. Find OANP’s new strategic plan here and please feel free to send us your comments, as staff are working on putting together the workplan for 2016 as we speak.

Community News

Laura Culberson Farr l Executive Director, OANP

OANP has a volunteer position available to serve as Treasurer of our political action committee (PAC) – Friends of Naturopathic Medicine.

OANP’s PAC raises funds and makes contributions to various legislative candidates who share in the vision of naturopathic medicine and can help advance our legislative efforts.

The PAC Treasurer is responsible for receiving and depositing checks, writing checks approved by our lobby team and legislative committee to donate to campaigns, accounting for all funds, and filing all reports on monies received and spent according to strict campaign finance laws and filing deadlines.

Expected time commitment is only 2-3 hours per month, but attention to detail and a high level of organization is essential! Training will be provided by current PAC Treasurer Dr. Wendy Vannoy. If you’re interested, please email

The 60th annual Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Convention will be held on April 15-17, 2016, at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront in Portland, Oregon. 

Come celebrate and honor our roots with an excellent set of lectures and entertaining evenings with your friends! Hob-nob with some founding members and enjoy Portland's beautiful waterfront. There will be a Riverboat Cruise, Formal Banquet, Comedy, and Dancing all planned so that we can relax and connect with old friends and make new ones.

The theme for 2016 is Food as Medicine -- a tenet of naturopathic philosophy. We are bringing together speakers who will cover the spectrum from the basics to the latest research. 18 hours of CE, including 3 hours of Pharmacy, to be applied for through OBNM.

View more information
Member News

SPONSOR: Integrative Therapeutics
Countless individuals have seen, and experienced, the transformative power of integrative medicine. Now they’re working towards putting integrative medicine at the core of our healthcare system. To further this mission of making integrative medicine part of every healthcare discussion, Integrative Therapeutics™ has launched the industry’s first-ever collection of video interviews with individuals across the integrative medicine community. features short, intimate interviews with practitioners, writers, teachers, and others in the industry, who share their personal stories and take on big questions such as, “What needs to happen for the industry to make another leap forward”? The site also looks to empower patients to be an active participant in their health.

“This is the perfect time to capture and share these stories because we are in the midst of a special moment in the industry,” said Mandy Kraynik, Vice President and General Manager of Integrative Therapeutics, “More people are recognizing the need to proactively manage their health and wellness, and they want knowledge about all options—both conventional and natural. It is our collective responsibility to empower people to make informed decisions.”

At launch, Integrative Wisdom showcases 40 video segments from 14 different speakers, including pioneers such as Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, founder of Bastyr University, and Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, founder, President, and CEO of The RIMLAND Center for Integrative Medicine. New videos will continue to be released in the coming months, including nearly 50 different segments from 12 new speakers.

Want to help? Start building the conversation here:

Our Diversity is Our Greatest Asset, Dr. Amy Rothenberg 

How to Find the Right Naturopath, Dr. Moira Fitzpatrick

Managing Dreams and Limitations, Dr. Elizabeth Mumper

SPONSOR: BioResource Inc.

Groundbreaking human cell studies have confirmed that Syntrion’s 100% natural Mucor extract found in SyCircue provides comparable anti-inflammatory effects to Dexamethasone without the chemical drug’s side effects.

Led by Dr. Christopher Gerner, PhD, Head of the Institute of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Vienna, Austria, the research team found that, even when applied in much lower dosages than Dexamethasone, the Mucor extract still reduced the distribution of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines by nearly as much.

Study results were published in the open access, peer-reviewed, mainstream scientific journal PLoS ONE in October 2015. The article, titled “Proteomic and Metabolomic Analyses Reveal Contrasting Anti-Inflammatory Effects of an Extract of Mucor racemosus Secondary Metabolites Compared to Dexamethasone” represents one of the few reports on anti-inflammatory effects of natural fungal-based extracts (1).

“During the last few years, it’s been discovered that chronic inflammation plays a key role in, or can even cause, the development of many widespread diseases such as cancer,” Dr. Gerner said. “Although medicine handles acute inflammation well the mechanisms that occur with chronic inflammation are much more complex.”

In addition, toxicity, mutagenicity, and genotoxicity studies showed Mucor extract can be used in ongoing therapies – and combined with other remedies – for patients who require long-term use. The Mucor extract also is easily tolerated by most patients, distinguishing it from chemical-synthetic drugs.

For more information, contact BioResource at 800/203-3775 or

1) (SM Meier, et al., PLoS ONE, 2015, 10(10): e0140367 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0140367).

SPONSOR: Cancer Treatment Centers of America

OANP is partnering with Cancer Treatment Centers of American to provide members with research articles and content surrounding oncology topics. We would love to hear from our members to find out which topics interest you!

Our goal is to provide our members with relevant and interesting material. As there are many focus areas surrounding oncology care - we want to be sure we are providing information that is valuable to you.

Please email by March 31st with a list of oncology subject matter you are interested in learning more about!

Legislative News

Mike Jawer l Director of Government and Public Affairs, AANP

The Food and Drug Administration’s current interpretation of the Drug Quality and Security Act essentially eliminates all repackaging of medications and creates barriers to office-use by requiring a prescription in advance of a compounded medication’s preparation. This runs counter to the intent of office-use, which is the method by which physicians obtain medications from pharmacists to administer and treat patients, sometimes delaying timely treatment for patients and driving up costs.

In response, AANP created a Compounded Medications Work Group to petition the FDA to allow exemptions for certain substances to be used in-office for multiple patients.

The FDA’s Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee met Tuesday, March 8 to evaluate a half-dozen “bulk drug substances” that various organizations – including AANP – have nominated to be exempt from these restrictions. Unfortunately, FDA staff have so far recommended that the committee disapprove all of the historically safe substances that petitioners have requested access to for in-office use.

In this last meeting, AANP collaborated with Pharmacy & Compounding Centers of America & Fagron to present feedback on a few substances proposed to be allowed for in-office use. We expect a response from FDA in the upcoming weeks, which will help determine whether we should continue working within the FDA’s committee review process for each substance or if a legal strategy might need to be investigated to protect the safe use of compounded medications for in-office use. Anybody who has particular expertise relating to the science of compounded medications – or know of other NDs who do – please contact Mike Jawer, Director of Government Affairs.

Laura Culberson Farr | Executive Director, OANP

During even-numbered years, the Oregon legislature only meets for 4-6 weeks to tackle emergencies, budget revisions, or make tweaks to existing laws without invoking the large controversies and drama of the full 6-month legislative sessions which occur during odd-numbered years.

In 2016, OANP coordinated with the Oregon Chiropractic Association to make such a tweak to the law authorizing providers to sign off on Return to Play forms for people who have suffered concussions. Currently NDs are not authorized to complete these forms, even though all other primary care providers may do so.

On two separate occasions, OANP lobbyist Phil Donovan and Executive Director Laura Farr testified before the Senate Education Committee in support of adding NDs to the list of providers who can sign off on Return to Play forms for concussions. While legislators seemed supportive of adding NDs to the law, the bill unfortunately died in committee.

While this was an issue that does not affect all NDs, one of OANP’s priorities is to modernize all statutes that allow primary care providers to perform certain services but exclude NDs because of an out-dated definition of “physician” or “provider.” OANP will continue to work on updating Return to Play provider definitions as well as many others in the upcoming legislative session.

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