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More Senate Bill 856 Education

Friday, July 20, 2018   (0 Comments)
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Jeff Clark | Legislative Committee Chair

Senate Bill 856 has changed over 120 different statutes in the state of Oregon, and allows NDs to perform certain actions that allopathic physicians are already authorized to perform. We continue to send out these changes over the next few months to help educate the ND population. 

Here are some more of the changes as a result of SB 856: 

Hazardous Substances:
Adds NDs to healthcare professions for purposes of use, reporting, etc. of hazardous substances.

Home Health Agencies and Hospice:
Add NDs to list of who can give orders for home health agencies & hospice.


  • Adds NDs to list of providers eligible for subsidies for malpractice insurance for rural providers and allocation of those subsidies by specialty.
  • Adds NDs to list of providers who have limitations on liability who provide voluntary medical services for accidental death, injury, etc.
  • Adds NDs to providers relating to issuance and commissions on life insurance policies.
  • Relating to unfair claims, adds NDs to list of providers
  • Adds NDs to providers who can provide medical care under discount medical plans for uninsured motorist.

Law Enforcement

  • Adds NDs to providers required to provide information relating to missing persons.
  • Adds NDs to providers required to inform law enforcement about certain non-accidental injuries.

Liability Protection

  • Protects MDs, nurses, etc. from certain liability for providing care at OHSU. Extends that protection to NDs.
  • Adds NDs to providers protected for giving emergency medical assistance.
  • Adds NDs to providers protected from liability for use of defibrillator in public setting.

Adds NDs to who can attest that patient has medical condition to prevent termination of telecomm services for non-payment.

Medical Leave
Clarifies that NDs may make determination that person may or may not qualify as bone marrow donor for medical leave.

Clarifies definition of “physician” to include “naturopathic physician” for purpose of Medicare supplemental plans and preexisting conditions.

More updates to come!


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