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Education on Senate Bill 856

Wednesday, August 22, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Beth Martin | Executive Director
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What is this new law?

SB 856 modernizes over 100 places in statute where the law has not kept up with the evolving scope of practice of naturopathic doctors. This is a continuation of our series to educate you on the changes that now impact NDs in the state of Oregon.  SB 856 allows naturopathic physicians to perform certain actions that allopathic physicians are authorized to perform.


Mental Health:

  • Regarding persons with mental illnesses or developmental disabilities, adds NDs to list of providers who can prescribe, administer drugs, conduct evaluations, be a reference for court actions, etc.
  • Re: mental health and addiction programs, clarifies that NDs can be provider in those programs. NDs referenced already in some places but not other, so makes all references consistent.

Minor Consent:

  • Adds NDs to providers who may provide birth control information regardless of age.
  • Adds NDs to providers who can advise minor about certain medical concerns without consent of the minor.
  • Adds NDs to providers who can treat minors for chemical dependency w/o parental consent
  • Adds NDs to providers who can advise parent of minor about certain medical treatment without consent of minor.
  • Adds NDs to providers protected from liability for advising parent of medical concerns without minors consent.

Oregon Health Authority (OHA):

·      Clarifies “physician” to include NDs for purposes of OHA reimbursement for medical services not covered under prepaid capitation for services by/referred from any “physician”

·      Adds NDs to list of providers that OHA may have service contracts with where no CCOs serve

·      Adds NDs to providers that OHA may not interfere with individual’s right to select.

·      Adds NDs to providers who may distribute OHA material on pre/postnatal care.


Adds ND to def. of physician for purposes of “clinical pharmacy agreements”. Will be increasingly important for PCPCH & CCO care by PCPs.

Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST):

  • Adds NDs to providers who can sign Advance Directives
  • Allows POLST to be signed by NDs
  • Adds NDs to providers who can be appointed by hospital for decisions requiring informed consent on behalf of the patient.

Prenatal Care:

Adds NDs to providers required to take blood samples from pregnant women for reasons of disease control, relating to distribution of vaccines in shortages, safety precautions to prevent communicable disease.

Protection from Abuse

  • Concerning appointments of visitors in protective proceedings, adds NDs to providers.
  • Concerning appointments of guardian for protected persons, adds NDs to providers who can report on medical concerns.
  • Clarifies that NDs may give orders to restrain a vulnerable person if needed. Makes statute consistent with 124.050, reporting of abuse.


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