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Who IS the OANP?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Carrie Baldwin-Sayre | OANP President
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Are you curious about the people helping to guide OANP? We would like to familiarize you with the people working behind the scenes for OANP, the organizational structure of OANP and the people dedicating their time to the successes of the naturopathic community. We want our membership to know that you can help direct your profession here in Oregon by VOLUNTEERING for a board or committee position.

OANP has 3 paid staff; 1 Full time position and 2 part-time positions. We have a small staff, but we are mighty because we feel that working for OANP is a labor of love and we are dedicated to the advancement of the profession.

Beth Martin | Executive Director
Beth runs our show… but focuses her time working on legislation, ND scope of practice, board relations and larger organization details. She is responsible for all operations, legislation efforts, and implementation of the strategic plan. When Beth isn't busy with OANP she likes traveling, doing yoga, and spending time with her husband and 2 small children.

Cherish Simmons | Communications and Technology Coordinator
Questions about your CE or posting your event? Cherish is your gal! Cherish is responsible for social media operations, event registration management, Website management, CE store management, and designing, creating, and distributing all communication materials. When Cherish isn't working for OANP, she is working as a professional photographer in Washington State. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her partner, her daughter and their 2 pups.

Audra Bates | Membership and Development Manager
All details pertaining to membership or sponsorship can be directed to Audra! She is responsible for membership operations, executing the membership committee goals, corporate sponsor relations, and managing OANP projects and timelines. Audra spends her free time with her husband as they raise 2 small children. Audra enjoys hiking, gardening and traveling.

OANP has active leadership through our board. The Board is comprised of NDs and 1 non-ND member. Board members are elected by OANP members at the annual conference. The OANP Board represents various sectors of the Oregon naturopathic community. ND board members are active members of the Association, and practice in Oregon. Board members serve for a term of two years, except for the Student Representative position which is renewed annually. ALL board and committee positions are volunteer, with the exception of staff involvement.

Carrie Baldwin-Sayre, ND
Bridghid McMonagle, ND
Vice President
Aubrey Harding, ND
Mario Tarasco, ND
Kaley Bourgeois, ND 
Cory Tichauer, ND 
Rebecca Principe, ND
Meaghan Culver, ND
Legislative Chair
Jeff Clark, ND
Student Rep
Aubrey Corbett
At Large
Emma M Neiworth Petshow, ND
At Large
Lou Ogden

The following committees are comprised of board and non-board members. All committee members must maintain active OANP membership or be employed by OANP.
Executive Committee
Dr. Carrie Baldwin-Sayre (Board Member)
Dr. Aubrey Harding (Board Member)
Dr. Rebecca Principe (Board Member)
Beth Martin
Legislative Committee
Dr. Jeff Clark - Chair (Board Member)
Dr. Carrie Baldwin-Sayre (Board Member)
Dr. Sara Love
Dr. Rebecca Principe (Board Member)
Dr. Emma M Neiworth Petshow (Board Member)
Beth Martin
Dr. Patrick Chapman
Dr. Sam Oltman
Dr. Karen Dewitt
Dr. Terrance Manning
Dr. Mario Tarasco (Board Member) 
CE Committee
Chair Dr. Aubrey Harding (conference) (Board Member)
Dr. Rachel Neuendorf
Dr. Dawson Farr
Beth Martin
Dr. Laura Gouge
Dr. Paresh Shelat
Dr. John Winters
Nominations Committee
Dr. Rebecca Principe (Board Member)
Dr. Emma Petshow (Board Member)
Dr. Carrie Baldwin Sayre (Board Member)
Beth Martin 
Membership Committee
Dr. Maeghan Culver - Chair (Board Member)
Dr. Kaley Bourgeois (Board Member)
Dr. Shamiron Shahbaz
Beth Martin
Audra Bates
Public Relations
Dr. Wendy Abraham - Chair
Dr. Keith Abraham
Dr. Gaia Mather
Dr. Cory Tichauer (Board Member)
Dr. Eliot Edwards
Megan Chmelik
Beth Martin
Dr. Jim Massey
Dr. Jared Zeff
Dr. Chip Halverson
MedTalk Committee
Dr. Debbie Rice
Dr. Carrie Jones
Chair Dr. Wendy Vannoy
Mentorship Program Committee
Dr. Alysia Cole
Tafflyn Williams-Thomas
Aubrey Corbett (Board Member)
Khaleed Alston
Beth Martin
Dr. Pamela Jeanne
Living Legend Committee
Dr. Jim Massey
Dr. Wendy Abraham
Dr. Bruce Canvasser
Dr. Greg Eckel
Beth Martin
Dr. Glen Nagel
Professional Development
Dr. Bridghid McMonagle (Board Member)
Dr. Emma M Neiworth Petshow (Board Member)
Fundraising Committee
Dr. Bridghid McMonagle (Board Member)

Interested in getting involved? Email!

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