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Latest News & Advocacy: OANP Member Spotlight

OANP Member Spotlight with Dr. Sara Love

Tuesday, June 18, 2019   (0 Comments)
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How are you currently using your ND?

I am using my education in a couple of different ways. Recently, I have started a have very small clinical practice in Portland. But for the last few years, my primary focus was working for a Quality Improvement Organization, focused on opioid safety in rural Oregon. We were contracted through CMS to provide technical assistance and mentorship with clinics in rural Oregon based around promoting resources and available tools to help these clinics with opioid education and safety. This project has recently wrapped up and we presented our work at the state-wide quality conference in May. This work doesn’t require me to directly use my ND license, but I was chosen to work with this organization because of my ND education and experience. AND I was just confirmed as a speaker at the American Health Quality Association (AHQA) Conference. I will be speaking on October 4 about opioid safety in rural Oregon.

What is unique about your clinic or the way you practice?
NDs have their own personal spin – this is what is beautiful about naturopathic medicine. In my private practice, I focus on nutrition, sports, athletics, running.

How is OANP valuable to you and your profession?
HUGE. I’ve been an OANP member since graduating in 2010. OANP is blessed with a legacy of great leadership and Executive Directors. Laura Farr was a very strong leader and Beth Martin has done a great job of picking up and carrying the organization forward. OANP was instrumental in the Pharmacy Formulary expansion and many NDs, including myself, have benefited from this. NDs having an opportunity to become PCPs is yet another example of how OANP has strengthened our profession. OANP’s ability to protect our profession through legislation while advocating for us is imperative to our profession.

Do you have a favorite patient experience?
Several years ago, a pediatric patient came into the clinic (multi-disciplinary clinic). She was lethargic and overweight. She was able to do some minor nutritional support along with vitamin D and magnesium protocol. She began to have increased energy, participate in school sports and improve her over all health. We were simultaneously working with father and able to manage his pain, so they could grow together.

Why do you practice naturopathic medicine?
Our scope of practice is phenomenal. I appreciate this more and more as time passes. We can practice in so many ways that have major positive impact on our patients. I am able able to meet a patient where they are at, take my time and treat my patients how they need to be treated and not be constrained with office operations.

Who is the most influential person to you on your naturopathic journey?
My son – I’ve been able to watch him make healthy decisions because of what I’ve learned and been able to teach him over the years. My husband is also very influential – those around you are positively encouraged by your healthy habits and decisions.

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?
I am proud I was able to be a member of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Advisory.

Do you have any words of wisdom for recent ND graduates?
Become member of OANP! Membership is vital to our small profession – we must work together to promote ourselves so we can all help create a stronger profession.

What is your definition of happiness?
Being out in the woods with my family. Or solo depending on my mood.

What would you sing at Karaoke night?
Friends in Low Places – Garth Brooks

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?
Avoid before coffee! 

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