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Mountain Peak Nutritionals: The History Of Our Condition Specific Formulas®

Monday, November 20, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Brook Schales
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Submitted by Dr. Jim Massey, ND

This basic concept is the foundation of Mountain Peak Nutritionals. It all started from patients telling me what they wanted and what they didn't want in nutritional products. They didn't appreciate taking more pills and spending more money on the many bottles of supplements and nutrients their doctors said they needed. They wondered why wouldn't a supplement company simply formulate a product for the condition they suffered from. Integrate the top five or so ingredients that clinical studies show that are effective in treating that condition and use the therapeutic doses of those raw materials. I must have heard this request from over 50 patients before the bell went off in my head.

In 1995, I created Ultra High multi vitamin/mineral formula to help raise money for the licensure effort for Colorado while I was practicing in Durango. After the incredible success of Ultra High, I decided to create a distinct line featuring these Condition Specific Formulas®. I trademarked this concept and started creating these formulas using the most bioavailable and biologically active raw materials. As I had learned from using clinical nutrition as a primary modality, raw material quality truly determines the effectiveness of a formula. I love the art of alchemy and using vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical medicines to synergistically work together is fascinating and most rewarding. The bottom line with our Condition Specific Formulas®, at Mountain Peak Nutritionals, is that they work incredibly well to enhance and bring about better patient outcomes. They more cost effective for both the doctor and the patient and they create greater patient compliance than the old multiple bottle prescribing method. If you notice the marketing trends over the past twenty years, our simple concept has been replicated by supplement companies throughout the industry. We are honored and grateful that a smaller, non-corporate, grass roots and truly naturopathic company could make such contributions. Thank you for your support and

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