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November 2018 Newsletter
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OANP's Big Tent 

Jeff Clark | Legislative Committee Chair

Naturopathic doctors are an independent lot. We have many diverging opinions and ways to practice. That independence is one of the many things I personally love about our medicine and our profession. So many treatment choices and one shared ideal above all others. Individualized care. Some topics are controversial enough to seriously divide us. Some have gone so far as to state that because of one or more issues, OANP "doesn't represent their views" or "doesn't share their voice."

If you find that you feel that OANP doesn't represent you on any specific issue, you might have misunderstood just why OANP exists and why it is much more than any single issue.

1. Our right to exist. You would think after being licensed in Oregon since 1927, this shouldn't be much of a concern. Think again. Both Florida and Nevada for example, used to be licensed states and had their licensing laws revoked in 1959 and 1987 through the aggressive efforts of proponents of conventional medicine.

Over the years OANP has had to fend off multiple attempts to dissolve the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine and fold it under other regulatory bodies that oversee tattoo artists, and nutritionists.

I have had it intimated to me personally by an insurance executive that we might just be lucky to still be practicing at all. He was implying that “they” have the power to take that away from us if we get too “uppity.” My involvement with OANP is why that didn’t, and doesn’t rattle me. We can never let our defense down. The menace is real, and our best ongoing defense is the continual advancement of our profession.

2. Scope of practice. Oregon has possibly the strongest ND scope of practice in the nation. We need to always be surveying the landscape and stand ready to defend what we are legally able to do. Here is a brief look at the work that has been done by OANP to protect and expand this over the last decade:

Election Update
Friends - please find here a quick election update – we will continue to keep you updated as things pan out at the committee level...                                                 Read More→

OHA Opioid Prescribing Guidelines
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OBNM Audit Information 2018
As part of the renewal procedure ALL LICENSEES shall provide the Board with a list of all CE credits earned in the previous year (i.e. Jan 1-Dec 31, 2018)...              Read more→ 

PCPCH Training Module
Interested in Being Patient-Centered Primary Care Home? Free Online Training Module Available! The OHA has created an online training module for providers...                  Read more →

Conference Reminder
The 2018 Pharmacy and Ethics Conference will be December 1-2 at the Portland Waterfront Marriott Hotel. Join us for Our two-day, 12+ CEU OANP Annual conference...  Read more →

NAPCP Mixer - Night Before The Conference
NAPCP, which has traditionally been in the Seattle area, is working to create a better network in the Portland area. Grab a drink and chat with fellow ND PCPs & NDs.. Read more →

Sponsored - Integrative Therapeutics

Formulas from Integrative Therapeutics include some research updates for anxiety, depression, and brain health...
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