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June 2020 Newsletter

OANP Member Spotlight:
Dr. Regina Flanagan, ND
My clinic is unique – I built a tiny clinic onto my home.
Because I practice in rural Oregon, I think the tiny clinic is
also more approachable for many patients...

Payment Protection Program Updates 
(Sent on Behalf of the AANP)
Recently signed into law, the PPP Flexibility Act has a few significant changes making it easier for small businesses to use the funds and qualify for forgiveness. The changes will...

OANP Diversity and Inclusion Committee Updates
The OANP Diversity and Inclusion Committee has convened, and is working to determine how to support our community moving forward. Through careful inquiry and conversation...


Legislative Committee Updates
The legislative committee has been hard at work on issues that have come up as a result of the pandemic. Here are our updates...

2020 OANP (Virtual!) Discounted Pricing!

Save the date for this year's OANP Annual Conference happening on November 7-8. Participant registration opening date tentative to be announced in July. What you can expect...

Allersodes: a Doctor’s Evaluation

Many people suffer from seasonal, household, or pet allergies. Over-the-counter allergy medications are short-lived bandaids that are not designed to address the root cause of the allergy...


Open Call for OANP Committees and Volunteer Positions!
Are you an OANP member who is interested in working more with OANP, but aren’t sure how? We have some volunteer position vacancies that we are looking to fill! If interested...


Integrative Therapeutics Announces NEW Formula!
Neurologix is a unique formula for improved cognitive performance.  It features three non-stimulant ingredients that have been proven effective in clinical trials...

Introducing NFH Clinical Handbook Series
Nutritional Fundamentals for Health Inc. is pleased to launch its Clinical Handbook series of publications for 2020. Written by thought leaders in their areas of expertise, these Handbooks...


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