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Corporate Partners

The work of the OANP would not be possible without the unwavering support of the generous partners below. We thank them for their commitment to the OANP and their support for the naturopathic profession.

Platinum Corporate Partners

Integrative Therapeutics

Company Representative: Blake Morgan
OANP Member Profile: Integrative Therapeutics

Integrative Therapeutics is a top-tier manufacturer of nutritional supplements. We strive to offer both products and education to healthcare professionals to provide choices to their patients to lead healthy lives.  Integrative Therapeutics supports educational opportunities to practitioners and students, and individuals and organizations who push the industry to new standards. 

Gold Corporate Partners

Active Recovery TMS

Company Representative: Courtney Marti
OANP Member Profile:  Active Recovery TMS

Active Recovery TMS offers protocols for lasting relief from depression. TMS is a non-invasive and non-medication treatment that uses magnets to effectively treat depression. TMS patients usually report no pain, no side effects, and no downtime. It has been FDA-approved since 2008.

Aegis Insurance Associates, LLC

Company Representative: Lyle Cheeney
OANP Member Profile:  Aegis Insurance Associates, LLC

Aegis Insurance Associates, LLC, a Scottsdale, Arizona based broker with nearly forty years of malpractice experience, has built a ground-up solution solely for Naturopathic Doctors. Aegis has the authority to quote, bind, issue, and service ND policies. In addition, they serve as the initial contact in the event of a claim or any questions NDs may have regarding their coverage.




Ayush Herbs

Company Representative: Jared Paulson
OANP Member Profile:  Ayush Herbs

Ayush Herbs® joins the ancient principles of Ayurvedic medicine with the latest scientific technology to provide the highest quality herbal supplements available. Ayurveda literally means "the science of life," and Ayush Herbs® was founded by Ayurvedic and naturopathic physicians who believe in healthy living in body, mind, and spirit and who also believe in maintaining the highest quality-control standards in the herbal supplement industry. Ayush Herbs® has maintained these standards since it was founded and is committed to continuing that tradition as it meets the needs of our customers in the years to come.


Company Representative: Shane McCamey
OANP Member Profile: 
Boiron was founded in 1932 by pharmacists and twin brothers, Jean and Henri Boiron. Boiron is today still a family-owned laboratory manufacturing homeopathic products. We are headquartered in Lyon, France with an operating presence in 59 countries worldwide. It is the largest manufacturer of homeopathic products in the world. In 2004, it employed a workforce of 2,779.

Community Compounding Pharmacy

Company Representative: Suzanne Rosenberg 
OANP Member Profile:  Community Compounding Pharmacy

Community Compounding Pharmacy is celebrating our 10th year serving Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and California. Our pharmacy specializes in unique, integrative formulations. We accept insurance and offer discounts for multiple month fills. A pharmacist is always available to answer your questions during business hours. Ask about our CE conferences offering valuable information and education credits for the naturopathic community.


Company Representative: Mackenzie Cless
OANP Member Profile: L-Nutra

Recent breakthrough science has uncovered the power of fasting as a way to optimize the body’s aging process and disrupt chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease. L-Nutra’s mission is to educate the world about the health benefits of fasting and introduce it back into the human diet in a safe and effective way via the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD).Fasting was a part of the human diet for thousands of years. In recent decades, humans optimized the food-supply chain and started eating multiple times a day. We began consuming more than the body was used to, adding weight, aging more quickly, and developing early onset of disease. 


Company Representative:  Diana Fenton
OANP Member ProfileNCMIC

With over 70 years of experience offering malpractice insurance to healthcare professionals, we have what it takes to defend your reputation to the fullest. You can rely on NCMIC's Naturopathic Malpractice Insurance Plan for a powerful claims defense, coverage options to suit your needs and the personalized service you deserve. As an active supporter of naturopathic medicine, we understand your unique needs. NCMIC's Naturopathic Malpractice Insurance Plan is offered through NCMIC Diversified Health RPG Assn. and underwritten by NCMIC Insurance Company.


Protocol for Life Balance

Company Representative: Kim Chadwick
OANP Member Profile: Protocol for Life Balance

At Protocol for Life Balance we believe good and preventative healthcare should be affordable for everyone. Our comprehensive line of more than 150 dietary supplements offers you and your patients a broad range of patient support solutions at an average cost that’s up to 25% less than other leading professional brands. We use the same trademarked ingredients as other leading brands, and our ingredients are validated with Naturokinetics, an exclusive program that assures the bioavailability and metabolism of natural ingredients. With Protocol for Life Balance you get superior quality, potency, and purity at a cost that you and your patients can feel good about.

Quantified Financial Partners

Company Representative : Ryan Burklo
OANP Member ProfileQuantified Financial Partners

We want to help you plan and organize your future the best way possible. Our process will organize your finances to help you achieve your goals today and tomorrow.




Sprague Israel Giles Insurance

Company Representative: Pierce Dyer
OANP Member Profile: Sprague Israel Giles Insurance

Sprague Israel Giles, Inc. is very proud to be an OANP Corporate Partner and to support the Oregon naturopathic community. Since 1958 we have been providing expert insurance services to the medical community, and in response to the unique insurance needs of successful naturopathic physicians and clinics, we worked to develop the first comprehensive malpractice insurance program that covers many of the emerging naturopathic modalities that are not adequately covered elsewhere. Make sure to cover what you actually do in your practice, and please contact us to learn about the advantages of our Natural Insurance Program.


Silver Corporate Partners

Lloyd Central Pharmacy

Company Representative: Natalie Gustafson
OANP Member Profile:  Lloyd Central Pharmacy

Customized Medicine--compounded to meet each patient's specific needs. We offer solutions to problems... IN EVERY MEDICAL PRACTICE there are a few patients who have not responded to traditional treatment or who have a unique need or medical circumstance. These patients can be helped! We work together with patient and practitioner to provide the best solution for each medication problem.


Mountain Peak Nutritionals

Company Representative: Jim Massey, ND
OANP Member Profile:  Mountain Peak Nutritionals

Mountain Peak Nutritionals (MPN) was founded in 1996 by Dr. Jim Massey ND with the intention of creating a unique, comprehensive line of formulas which address specific health conditions. From our humble beginnings when we offered just one product, the advanced Ultra High™ multivitamin-mineral formula, to our present line of 31 Condition Specific Formulas®, our philosophy has remained the same: To create the highest quality nutritional supplements, using the most pure, bioavailable and clinically-proven ingredients. Our goal is to assist doctors in successfully addressing the chronic diseases commonly seen in practices today. Each formula is based on the most up-to-date scientific research, clinical studies, and medical nutritional information available.

National University of Naturopathic Medicine


National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) is the oldest programmatically accredited naturopathic medical school in North America. The university is alma mater to over 2,300 alumni who practice in nearly every state and Canadian province as well as in many foreign countries. Over 50 percent of the licensed naturopathic physicians practicing in the United States are graduates of NUNM.

Nutritional Fundamentals for Health, Inc.

Company Representative: Krystle Lussier
OANP Member Profile:  Nutritional Fundamentals for Health, Inc.

Nutritional Fundamentals for Health Inc. (NFH) is a private, Canadian nutraceutical manufacturer devoted to the integration and application of nutraceutical science in clinical practice. We produce all natural vitamin, mineral, and herbal formulations of the highest quality exclusively for licensed healthcare practitioners only. With our commitment to the highest standards of excellence in laboratory quality assurance (QA) and good manufacturing practices (GMPs), every raw material and finished product lot number is third-party tested to validate identity, potency, and purity – we do not skip lot tests. Formulated under the guidance of our internationally renowned Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) and Medical Consultancy Group (MCG), our professional nutraceutical product line guarantees optimal efficacy and absolute patient safety.

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