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General Naturopathic and Medical Courses
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The OANP offers online continuing education courses on a multitude of subject matter. Our courses are rigorously vetted and submitted for state continuing education. As an added bonus, OANP Members save 20-100% off of online courses!

General Naturopathic and Medical Courses

Childhood Stress Can Influence Adult Disease (2 CEUs)
$0 members/$40 non-members

Discussion of how stress response system activation in childhood can result in adult disease states.

Naturopathic Treatment of Infertility (2 CEUs)
$0 members/$40 non-members

Naturopathic treatment protocols are discussed as an alternative to expensive and invasive conventional therapeutics.

Nutrition and the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (2 CEU)
$0 members/$40 non-members

Discover a new understanding of the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease, why it happens, and how tools from the world of nutrition can lead to its eradication once and for all.

Fasting and Your Health (2 CEUs)
$0 members/$40 non-members

Learn about the latest research on fasting, autophagy, mTOR, and fasting mimicking diets with emphasis on clinical relevance and improvement in patient outcomes.

Muscles As Medicine (2 CEUs)
$0 members/$40 non-members

Learn about muscle mass and its affects on specific conditions as well as overall health.

The Naturopathic Approach to Oncology (2 CEUs)
$20 members/$40 non-members

How to use fasting, mushrooms, and other Naturopathic approaches in cancer patients.

Exhaustion- What to do with your Complex Patients: Learnings from Fibromyalgia-like cases (2 CEUs)
$20 members/$40 non-members

How to build successful strategies for rebooting a dysregulated body with multiple affected systems using integrative approaches.

Impaired Sulfate Metabolism as a Pathway for Modern Disease (2 CEUs)
$20 members/$40 non-members

How impaired sulfate metabolism can be a pathway to modern disease.

Natural Support for Cognitive Impairment Following a Stroke or TBI (2 CEU)
$20 members/$40 non-members

Treating patients naturally after a stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury .


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