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2017 May Newsletter
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The Merits Were Never Heard
Jeff Clark, ND | OANP Legislative Committee Chair

The lawsuit against HealthNet and American Specialty Health(ASH) ran into an unexpected roadblock, and has now been dismissed without reaching a trial on the merits of the case. We are out of court on a technicality.

As you might know, the ND contracts with HealthNet, managed by ASH, are the most egregious any licensed provider might ever consider. They pay NDs well below Medicare rates, and demand a paperwork burden that no other provider type providing general medical care has to bear. We had hoped that this lawsuit would achieve legal precedence that would then be applied to all types of private insurance plans. Read more →

OANP Member Spotlight: Dr. Hilary Andrews with a vaccines and infective diseases focus
Our new Member Spotlight area highlights our members that are making innovative choices in their practices...Read more →

Don't Miss These Exciting Events! 
Check out our Event Calendar for info on the June OANP MedTalk, Primary Care for Women Seminar, PsychANP Naturopathic Psychiatry Seminar, and more... Learn more →

Bill Allowing NDs to Sign for POLST, IEPs, Home Health, and More Poised for Vote
SB 856 has passed the full Senate and the stage is now set for a vote in the full House in a couple of weeks... Read more →

5 Easy Steps for Growing ND Visibility 
The AANP and Institute for Natural Medicine have partnered to launch a new information service to convey a coordinated message about naturopathic medicine... Read more →

How is LDN Different From Traditional Naltrexone Therapy?
Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist and traditionally was used to treat patients that have an addiction to opiate drugs or alcohol by blocking euphoria...Read more →

Sprague Israel Giles Offers New Services for Naturopathic Physicians
New Loss Control and Risk Management service available to ND Professional Liability Policyholders.... Read more →

What to Expect if ObamaCare is Repealed
The question of “What to Expect” that’s on everybody’s mind can be broken down into three components for NDs: Impact on access, patients, and practice... Read more →

You Asked For It & You Got It!
The OANP has launched a new and improved online CE library filled with great lectures to meet all of your CE requirements! Discounts for members! Check it out today! View more →

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