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2017 July Newsletter
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Establishing a Professional Fee Schedule
Jeff Clark, ND | OANP Legislative Committee Chair

Preface by Laura Farr: Many ND clinics have been contacted by “secret shoppers” paid for by insurers asking what the fee schedule is for insurance and for cash paying patients, then adjusting reimbursement rates accordingly. It is ok to offer a discount for paying cash at the time of service, but please remember that you should only have ONE fee schedule. Be careful to train your office staff to respond to questions appropriately that your office only has one fee schedule even if you offer a discount for cash payments at time of service. 

There are a number of business related topics that you just don’t have the ability to understand properly while you are in your medical training program. One essential topic is establishing a professional fee schedule. There are conflicting goals in setting fees that need to be carefully considered. You want to charge enough so that you minimally meet the financial needs to operate your business, properly pay your staff, and yourself, for your labors. In order to achieve this you need to be billing high enough to capture all of the available reimbursement from every payer. Insurers pay the lesser of what you ask for, and what their contract says they will pay. If you expect people to self-pay, your fee also needs to be at an accessible price that people can afford.
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Tired of Insurance Billing?
Why is Naturopathic Medicine not the standard of Primary Care in America? Why are NDs clamoring to join an insurance based system that promotes disease based care... Read more →

Perform One-Time Exams with Guaranteed Payment
The Oregon workers’ compensation system needs more providers to perform one-time exams to help... Learn more →

21st Century Metabolic Medicine in Cancer & Chronic Disease
PAID ADVERTISEMENT. Come & join Dr. Paul Anderson at his latest Advanced Applications in Medical Practice (AAMP) event, October 27-29 in Portland. Ask for the OANP rate of $75 off published rate.

A Word About Negative Press – Don’t Share!
As in any industry, there will be detractors. We’ve all had moments of coming across an article, blog or website with sometimes scathing and, yes, infuriating ... Read more →

ND Spotlight: Hilary Stuart
This month's ND Spotlight looks at Dr. Hilary Stuart who has a practice with an emphasis on emotional spiritual issues of chronic illness... Read more →

Is Increasing Patient Adherence to Your Protocols Important To You?
Natural Partners is excited to announce new enhancements to NP Script™, a virtual supplement dispensary .... Read more →

Topical Treatments for Vaginal Atrophy
Vaginal atrophy may be treated with a variety of creative preparations. Treatments are most effective when applied locally in the form of a cream or suppository... Read more →

Save the Date for our Annual Conference!
This year’s conference "Strategies in Integrative Pharmacology" on 12/2-3/2017 will feature a wider variety of lectures that are rapid and skip the basics in order to focus on in-depth updates of the latest research and current treatment protocols for multiple systems. Stay tuned for more info!


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