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COVID-19 Resources and Guidelines for NDs


As the coronavirus spreads and efforts to contain it escalate, Naturopathic Physicians need to be aware of the latest advisories from public health authorities in order to advise patients accordingly.

The OANP advises NDs to follow public health guidelines and standard preventive medicine protocols, including basic naturopathic and lifestyle protocols that can support the immune system and mitigate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases.

The OANP is working with the AANP and other state associations in order to provide the most current information. However, the information that we are receiving surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing. Please refer to the Oregon Health Authority for state specific information and consult your attorney regarding any legal advice. We are here to support you!

March 23, 2020 - Governor Kate Brown today issued Executive Order 20-12, directing everyone in Oregon to stay at home to the maximum extent possible and adding to the list of businesses that will be temporarily closed to stem the spread of COVID-19 in Oregon. The order is effective immediately, and remains in effect until ended by the Governor.

March 16, 2020 - Review the current clinical presentation, risk factors, clinical management, and treatments for COVID-19 infection in this provisional guidance report.

Clinical Presentation: Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, myalgia, and shortness of breath. Less common symptoms include sore throat, headache, and diarrhea.

March 23, 2020 - This report provides guidance for evaluating which patient groups should be tested and where testing can be performed around the state.

Asymptomatic persons and those with symptoms that do not necessitate medical evaluation are not recommended for testing. Individuals with mild symptoms that do not necessitate medical evaluation should remain at home until 72 hours after any fever or cough resolve. Persons with mild or moderate COVID-19-like illness who seek testing risk exposing others in healthcare settings, including members of the public, other patients, and healthcare workers. Evaluation and testing of such persons in a healthcare setting consumes resources that may become extremely limited, including personal protective equipment (PPE), swabs and viral transport media used to collect diagnostic specimens, and ties up clinical resources, including healthcare staff and rooms.

To protect our community, here at the OANP, we believe it is important to ask yourself the following questions before providing in-person patient care during the current pandemic:

1) Is the patient care that I am providing urgent or emergent in nature, or could it wait?
2) Am I putting myself, employees, patients, or office staff at risk for exposure?
3) Am I helping to flatten the curve to protect those at risk?
4) Do I have the ability to practice telemedicine during the pandemic for all non-urgent concerns?
5) If I am swabbing for COVID-19, do I have a way to keep others and myself safe while doing so?

We feel it is not our goal or responsibility to regulate all NDs in the state of Oregon. However, we would like our profession to have the information that it needs to be successful and avoid disciplinary action by the state. We suggest that if you plan to keep your in-person practice open during this time period, you contact the Oregon Health Authority directly to make sure that you are in compliance with all state laws and regulations.

Quick Start Course
The Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine is offering a Telemedicine Masterclass that will include pre-recorded lectures as well as twice weekly live sessions to help answer questions and address any barriers you may experience in setting up your telemedicine clinic.
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HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Services - FREE
Charm EHR

The MTSL Group has developed a COVID-19 Telemedicine Fact Sheet for practitioners in Washington and Oregon.

New ICD-10 Code--Effective April 1, 2020
U07.1 COVID-19

Access information regarding the CDC's New ICD-10-CM code for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) and the Helfgott Research Institute are requesting contributions of de-identified data from patients/clients who have been supported in your practice for COVID-19 exposure or prevention.
Record and submit your case information HERE.

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