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Submission Guidelines for OANP Newsletters
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  • The OANP newsletter is an electronic newsletter delivered by email
  • Circulation is approximately 1700  with an average of 800 views.
  • It is published every month
  • Authors retain their copyrights and appropriate credit will be assigned to authors as possibleq
  • Publication date may vary within the week based on holidays, maximization of readership rates, etc.


Members and Community Supporters are encouraged to submit articles of interest, research, upcoming events, or program announcements to the OANP for inclusion in the newsletter, according to the following guidelines.

  • Material must be in Word or Text format (not PDF), approximately 150-200 words
  • Materials must be written and presented in the way the submitter wishes it to appear
  • Attach electronic pictures of author, or company/event logo as appropriate & available
  • By submitting material, submitter gives us the right to publish and edit them if necessary
  • Articles may be condensed or be placed on a separate page with a link from a teaser of the first few paragraphs


The OANP Newsletter Editor may choose to have several "Focus sections,” including "Focus on Member,” "Focus on Sponsor,” and "Focus on Research.” The Board has adopted the following policies for these focus sections:

  • "Focus on Research” – any person or business may submit research to be published in the newsletter. Research must be based on accepted scientific standards, and must have the tagline of "Article brought to you by…” with a disclosure that OANP does not endorse any material in the article. The research must be on a product as a category, not just a particular company’s product (i.e., research on the benefits of fish oil, not just research on Nordic Natural’s fish oil product). It must be generally education, not product-specific.

  • "Focus on Member” – to highlight the good deeds of our members, but not just to promote a new clinic or new address, etc. For example, we could feature a member who recently published a book, won an award, or launched a non-profit venture.

  • "Focus on Sponsor” – available to sponsors as outlined in the Community Supporter materials, this is an opportunity for sponsors to share something different or unique about their company, but not an opportunity to market a particular product.


            Please contact the Membership and Development Manager for current deadlines.

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